Charleston’s swim program has provided community kids with opportunities to learn the sport of swimming since 1968!! We are traditionally the smallest team in the area, which provides each swimmer more opportunities to swim and more personalized attention from our coaching staff. We offer two swim programs for children at Charleston:

  • Rats In Training ($100 for about 20 lessons): The Rats in Training program gives your child an introduction to swimming on their own. This program is focused on children ages 3 through 8 who cannot yet swim a full lap. Overseen by our coaching staff, our senior swim team member are in the water with your child teaching them safety and the fundamentals of swimming such as kicking and breathing. While each child will have customized short-term goals, the long-term goal is to enable your child to safely swim in pool and to be ready to join the swim team in the future.  Rats in Training participants are also invited to two Wednesday swim meets where they can enter a kickboard race in their first ever swimming competitions! Visit our lessons page for more information.
  • Charleston Water Rats Swim Team ($150 for a ten-week swimming season): Charleston has a rich history of fielding successful swimmers that have become high school team captains, winners of Cherry Bowl and Tri-County championships, record holders, and college-level swimmers.  But more importantly, we are the loudest and most fun team in the league! The swim team program is offered to all children who can swim independently from ages 4 through 18.  The program is tailored to the children’s skill levels. Young first-time swimmers will learn the freestyle and backstroke basics through guided instruction.  Younger intermediate students will be taught all four strokes and how to legally complete races.  Our advanced group builds up swimmer’s endurance and refines their technique for racing.  The swim team practices daily starting after Memorial Day and has seven Saturday meets through the season.  A Charleston swim team summer  is a great way to keep fit, build a life skill, and create new friendships!

Our coaching staff is also available for private swim instruction.