Thank you, Charleston!

Charleston Members,

I am absolutely floored by your enthusiasm, generosity, and commitment to our little swim club and I want to thank everyone who participated in or donated to today’s swimathon and I’d like to share a few highlights of today’s spectacular event.

Charleston went international today with live broadcasts of the swimathon to family members in Europe cheering the swimmers on.  And our own Masters Coach, Ken Billet, almost kept pace with his son, pulling in an impressive 37 laps without needing to be rescued by the lifeguards!  Also, thanks to his wonderfully encouraging family, Zach Hart was forced to spend his graduation party swimming laps, topping the leaderboard at 43 laps!  In all swimmers totaled an amazing 482 laps today and with the generous contributions of their sponsors, this year’s swimathon is already a resounding success.

If any swimmers still wish to participate in the fundraiser, we will be available all week.  Simply bring your sponsor form and ask a board member or guard or parent to record your times.

Again, thank you all for your participation. You make Charleston such an amazing place, and it’s because of this little community that there is no place I’d rather spend my summer days!

Very gratefully yours,

Andy Shilliday
Club President

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